Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Draw for Buckpool next week: Last NE Alliance competition of 2016

Buckpool Golf Club

1st TEE
0900  A CAMPBELL            G ESSON                   A SMITH
0909  D BOOTH                  R REID                        R BLACKMORE
0918  H ROULSTON           M RENDALL              M ROGERS
0927  J HOPWOOD           K BEVERIDGE           L MURRAY
0936  M MERCHANT         R LAMB                     S GRIFFITHS
0945  M LAWRIE                C DUFFUS                 G COCHRANE        P MCKENNA
0954  M ALLAN                   M HERBERTSON     F MILNE
1003  J FORREST             P CHEYNE                 D WRIGHT                B LUMSDEN
1012  K ZEYNALOV            S KILOH                     C GRANT
1021  H MCNAUGHTON  S SHAND                   L FOWLER
1030  S ALLISON                G MACKIE                 R DAVIDSON
1039  G HOMER                 J SUNLEY                   D LESLIE                  R DUNCAN
1048  D LANE                      W SKENE                   G THOM                    A CLARKE

0900  C CASSIE                   D CASSIE                   P CRAIG
0909  R BROWN                 M BROWN                S DAVIDSON            D LAWRIE
0918  S HANSON                C DEMPSTER            M PATTERSON        C GILBERT
0927  J DUFF                       D LAW                       C LAW                       
0936  S SCOTT                    D ROBERTSON        R NICOLSON
0945  J SCOTT                     G PATTERSON         S MACKIE                 
0954  L DUNCAN                K MCGILLVARY        M FORSTER             J STEWART
1003  N CHISHOLM           M ROGERS               R MACRAE                M SMITH
1012  S FINNIE                    D MCKAY                  K DUNCAN               P MCLEAN
1021  C LAWRIE                  P LAWRIE                  S LAWRIE         M MACDOUGALL
1030  D CRAIGIE                 D ADAM                    G RILEY                  R DENNING
1039  F BISSET                    D BISSET                   G HUTCHEON
1048  B NICOLSON            J NICOLSON             G ALLAN                    D WILSON
1057  D MACKAY               S CHRISTIE                A GRAHAM              D NELSON
1106  P LOW                       J BORTHWICK          D TOWNSLEY
4 - Inverallochy
11 - Murcar Links
18 - Peterhead
25 - Royal Tarlair
1 - Buckpool
8 - Newmachar Swailend
15 - Spey Bay
22 - Montrose Links
1 - Fraserburgh
8 - Duff House Royal
15 - Portlethen (Championship round 1)
22 - Craibstone (Championship round 2)
23 - Craibstone (foursomes qualifiers)
29 - McDonald Ellon



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