Tuesday, 6 December 2016

NE Alliance updated Buckpool draw - and chance to play free at Strathlene

 9-00 A. Campbell G. Esson A. Smith
2 9-09 D. Booth R. Blackmore R. Reid
3 9-18 H. Roulston M. RendallL. Rodger
4 9-27 L. Murray K. Beveridge J. Hopwood
5 9-36 M. Merchant R. Lamb S. Griffiths
6 9-45 P. McKenna F. Milne D. Adam D. Craigie
7 9-54 M. Lawrie G. Cochrane M. Herbertson
8 10-03 B. Lumsden J. Forrest D. Wright P. Cheyne
910-12 K. Zeynalov S. Kiloh C. Grant
1010-21 L. Fowler H. McNaughton S. Shand
1110-30 S. Allison R. Davidson G. Mackie I. Still
1210-39 D. Leslie J. Sunley G. Homer R. Duncan
1310-48 D Lane W. Skene G. Thom A. Clark
STARTING at 10th tee
169-00 C. Cassie D. Cassie P. Craig
179-09 M. Brown R. Brown D. Lawrie S. Davidson
189-18 S. Hanson C. Dempster P. McLean
199-27 J. Duff C. Law D. Law
209-36 R. Nicolson D. Robertson S. Scott
219-45 S. Mackie J. Scott G. Paterson
229-54 L. Duncan J. Stewart M. Forster
2310-03 N. Chisholm M. Rogers R. Mcrae M. Smith
2410-12 S. Finnie D. McKay K. Duncan M. Patterson
2510-21 C. Lawrie P. Lawrie S. Lawrie M. MacDougall
2610-30 E. Riley R. Denning A. Graham D. Nelson
2710-39 D. Bisset F. Bisset G. Hutcheon M. Donaldson
2810-48 B. Nicolson J. Nicolson G. Allan D. Mackay
2910-57 J. Borthwick P. Low D. Townslie D. Wilson

Additional Competitor Information
from Joel Hopwood
 Please note that MATS are NOT required. Preferred lies are in operation on fairways only and all bunkers ARE in play. 

Please also note the course is expected to be soft, so all pitch marks MUST be repaired - plus one more should you see one - to allow us to maintain our great relationship with Buckpool. 
In addition, John Urquhart of Strathlene Golf Club will generously allow any Alliance player to play a few holes at Starthlene FREE OF CHARGE, prior to playing at Buckpool, should you wish to warm up. 
They also have a driving range on site at Strathlene (chargeable) with 25 Golf balls for a £1 . 



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