Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Culverwell and Carmichael win team event at
The Roxburghe

On a day when early morning fog threatened to disrupt play, 43 teams of two, comprising of member and guest ,eventually saw some sunshine during their visit to the Scottish Borders to contest for the Richardson and Brownlee Trophy at The Roxburghe.
Despite some poor visibility at times some fine scoring was seen in this Invitational Better-ball event and the silverware and top handicap prize ended up in the hands of Zander Culverwell (Dunbar) and Scott Carmichael (Baberton) with the best net score of the day (63) as well as securing the best scratch score of the day (64) on the par 72 course.
Top scratch prize on 67 was split two ways via Jamie McLeary (Dunbar) and Stuart Davidson (Royal Burgess) along with the Royal Burgess duo of Malcolm Pennycott and Varun Varadharajan.
Scoring on the Handicap front was close with second prize shared four ways on net 64 by
Jim Gordon (Royal Burgess) and Andy Crawford (Liberton)
Michael Kay (Dalmahoy) and Alex Cockburn (Dalmahoy)
David Nicolson (Craigielaw) and  Graham Muir (Kingsknowe)
Alan Loughran (Archerfield Links) and John Ross (Ratho Park)
                                                                                    Overall Winners: Zander Culverwell (Dunbar) and Scott Carmichael (Baberton) 63 net 
T1 £40 each pair: Jamie McLeary (Dalmahoy) and Stuart Davidson (Royal Burgess),
Malcolm Pennycott (Royal Burgess) and Varun Varadharajan (Royal Burgess) 67.
T3 £10 each pair: Marc McAdam (Liberton) and Scott Fraser (Longniddry), Keir McNicoll (Gullane) and Robert Jack (Gullane) 68.
1 £50 each pair: Zander Culverwell (Dunbar) and Scott Carmichael (Baberton) 63.
T2 £25 each pair: Jim Gordon (Royal Burgess) and Andy Crawford (Liberton), Michael Kay (Dalmahoy) and Alex Cockburn (Dalmahoy), David Nicolson (Craigielaw) and Graham Muir (Kingsknowe), Alan Loughran (Archerfield Links) and John Ross (Ratho Park) 64.
Next week it is back to East Lothian to see who can get their name on The Paterson Medal at The Glen, North Berwick.
Alan Greenshields
Secretary/ Treasurer
Edinburgh and East of Scotland Golfers' Alliance
18 Woodfield Park
EH13 0RB
Mobile: 07730 007100
Alliance Mobile: 07814 983582

1 Zander Culverwell (Dunbar) and Scott Carmichael (Baberton) 64
2 Malcolm Pennycott (Royal Burgess) and Varun Varadharajan Royal Burgess 67
3 Jamie McLeary Dalmahoy Stuart Davidson Royal Burgess 67
4 Marc McAdam Liberton Scott Fraser Longniddry 68
5 Keir McNicoll Gullane Robert Jack Gullane 68
6 Neil Henderson Renaissance Club and David NeillRenaissance Club 69
7 Louis Gaughan Bathgate Danny Gilbert Bathgate 69
8 Kieran Cantley Liberton Davie Hinton Longniddry 69
9 David Nicolson Craigielaw Graham Muir Kingsknowe 69
10 Nathan Free Longniddry Gareth Jack Longniddry 69
11 Andrew Oldcorn Kings Acre Colin Binnie Ratho Park 70
12 Scott Gillies Craigielaw Greg Houlston Gullane 71
13 Alan Lockhart Bathgate Murray Strachan Kingsknowe 71
14 Andrew Erskine Ratho Park Stuart Taylor Ratho Park 72
15 Alan Loughran Archerfield Links John Ross Ratho Park 72
16 David Brydon Torwoodlee Robin Brydon Torwoodlee 74
17 Michael Kay Dalmahoy Alex Cockburn Dalmahoy 75
18 Michael Veitch Peebles Craig Phaup Innerleithen 75
19 Stuart Callan  Bathgate William Bell Bathgate 75
20 Brian Reid Dunbar Gerry Curran Mortonhall 75
21 Paul Cumming Newbattle Robert Gibson Newbattle 75
22 Jim Gordon Royal Burgess Andy Crawford Liberton 76
23 Gordon Brown Baberton Derek Fleming Baberton 76
24 Nick Brookfield Kingsfield Martin Brown Kingsfield 76
25 Willie Laing Prestonfield Richard Myles Prestonfield 77
26 James Silvestro Dalmahoy Chris Conway Swanston New 77
27 Gary French Peebles Rab Howie Peebles 77
28 Michael Marr Musselburgh Chris Millan Musselburgh 77
29 Alan Crabbe Kingsknowe Stuart Donaldson Aberdour 77
30 Alastair Summers Musselburgh Gary Craig  Musselburgh 78
31 Andy Meikle Longniddry Joe Bell Longniddry 78
32 Ian Fyfe Musselburgh Kenny Lynch Musselburgh 79
33 Jim Graham Braids United Dave Leitch The Dukes 79
34 Phil Leggate Musselburgh Alan Galloway Musselburgh 80
35 Jim Scott Minto Jim Anderson Swanston New 80
36 Alan Stronach Falkirk Tryst Tom McDonald Bonnybridge 80
37 Willie Miller Falkirk Tryst Derek Crombie Falkirk Tryst 80
38 Stuart Wardlaw Harburn Alan Lee Harburn 81
39 Brian Thomson Broomieknowe Alastair Alexander Broomieknowe 82
40 Ross Boyle Ratho Park Lee Ireland Bathgate 83
41 Jim Watson West Lothian Alex Grant West Lothian 85
42 Gerry Wilson Musselburgh Colin Lyon Musselburgh 87
43 Brian Chrystal Baberton David Scott Baberton 90


1 Zander Culverwell Dunbar Scott Carmichael Baberton 63
2 Jim Gordon Royal Burgess Andy Crawford Liberton 64
3 Michael Kay Dalmahoy Alex Cockburn Dalmahoy 64
4 David Nicolson Craigielaw Graham Muir Kingsknowe 64
5 Jamie McLeary Dalmahoy Stuart Davidson Royal Burgess 64
6 Alan Loughran Archerfield Links John Ross Ratho Park 64
7 Neil Henderson Renaissance Club David Neill Renaissance Club 65
8 Gary French Peebles Rab Howie Peebles 65
9 Marc McAdam Liberton Scott Fraser Longniddry 65
10 Malcolm Pennycott Royal Burgess Varun Varadharajan Royal Burgess 66
11 Kieran Cantley Liberton Davie Hinton Longniddry 66
12 Nathan Free Longniddry Gareth Jack Longniddry 66
13 Gordon Brown Baberton Derek Fleming Baberton 67
14 Alan Lockhart Bathgate Murray Strachan Kingsknowe 67
15 Louis Gaughan Bathgate Danny Gilbert Bathgate 67
16 Willie Miller Falkirk Tryst Derek Crombie Falkirk Tryst 67
17 Stuart Wardlaw Harburn Alan Lee Harburn 68
18 Alastair Summers Musselburgh Gary Craig  Musselburgh 68
19 Keir McNicoll Gullane Robert Jack Gullane 68
20 Andrew Erskine Ratho Park Stuart Taylor Ratho Park 69
21 David Brydon Torwoodlee Robin Brydon Torwoodlee 69
22 Andrew Oldcorn Kings Acre Colin Binnie Ratho Park 69
23 Alan Stronach Falkirk Tryst Tom McDonald Bonnybridge 69
24 Willie Laing Prestonfield Richard Myles Prestonfield 70
25 James Silvestro Dalmahoy Chris Conway Swanston New 70
26 Scott Gillies Craigielaw Greg Houlston Gullane 70
27 Michael Veitch Peebles Craig Phaup Innerleithen 70
28 Michael Marr Musselburgh Chris Millan Musselburgh 70
29 Brian Reid Dunbar Gerry Curran Mortonhall 70
30 Nick Brookfield Kingsfield Martin Brown Kingsfield 70
31 Alan Crabbe Kingsknowe Stuart Donaldson Aberdour 70
32 Andy Meikle Longniddry Joe Bell Longniddry 70
33 Jim Scott Minto Jim Anderson Swanston New 71
34 Paul Cumming Newbattle Robert Gibson Newbattle 71
35 Jim Graham Braids United Dave Leitch The Dukes 71
36 Stuart Callan  Bathgate William Bell Bathgate 72
37 Brian Thomson Broomieknowe Alastair Alexander Broomieknowe 72
38 Ian Fyfe Musselburgh Kenny Lynch Musselburgh 73
39 Phil Leggate Musselburgh Alan Galloway Musselburgh 74
40 Jim Watson West Lothian Alex Grant West Lothian 74
41 Ross Boyle Ratho Park Lee Ireland Bathgate 75
42 Gerry Wilson Musselburgh Colin Lyon Musselburgh 75
43 Brian Chrystal Baberton David Scott Baberton 77



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