Monday, 27 March 2017

Edinburgh and East of Scotland Alliance Championship
36 holes.
Gullane Golf Club, Wednesday, March 29.


No. 2, No. 3 courses
8.00 12.40 Calum Allison Alan Lockhart Andy Meikle
8.08 12.48 Martin Rennie Ian Wyse Steven Lees
8.16 12.56 Michael Veitch Brian Reid Ian Jeavons
8.24 13.04 Walter Forsyth Shaun McAllister Willie Laing
8.32 13.12 Jamie McLeary Marc McAdam Jim Graham
8.40 13.20 Tommy Wilson Alan Loughran Cameron Adam
8.48 13.28 Willie Miller Alan Crabbe Robin Cockburn
8.56 13.36 Ross Neill Graeme Johnston Steven Dunsmore
9.04 13.44 James Dick Nathan Free Craig Imlah
9.12 13.52 Marc Owenson Ross Munro Colin Fraser

No.3 No.2
8.00 12.40 Justin White Steve Dand Mike Marr
8.08 12.48 Andy McElhinney Jim Gordon David Black
8.16 12.56 Ross Boyle Nick Brookfield  Stuart McMehen
8.24 13.04 Richard Johnston David Nicolson James Silvestro
8.32 13.12 Malcolm Pennycott Andrew Erskine Phil Leggate
8.40 13.20 David Brydon Tony Boyle Gordon Brown
8.48 13.28 George Wither Scott Gillies Alan Stronach
8.56 13.36 Ian Fyfe Donny Munro Chris Curran
9.04 13.44 Keir McNicoll Andy Marshall Craig Gordon
9.12 13.52 Louis Gaughan Andy Rothney Kieran Cantley

Please ensure that you check in a minimum of 20min before your starting time  and are ready to play at least 5min before your time. 

MainPrize List
Scratch Handicap Additional Prizes

1st £300   £150       Best Scratch (pm) No.2 course £25
2nd £250  £125       Best Scratch (pm) No.3 course £25
3rd £200   £100       Best Net (pm) No.2 course £25
4th £150   £75         Best Net (pm) No.3 course £25
5th £100   £50

East Alliance - Seniors Championship Draw
No.3 Course
9.20 Keith Cowie Derek Fyfe Andrew Wight
9.28 Stuart Wardlaw Jim Scott Brian Thomson
9.36 Ewan Robertson Mike Louden Ron Grant

Please ensure that you check in a minimum of 20min before your time and are ready to play at least 5minbefore your time.

Prize List Scratch
1st £50
2nd £30
3rd £20
The additional prizes will only be awarded to players who have not won a main prize.



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