Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Graeme Brown strikes again, wins Midland 

Alliance at Forfar for second week in a row

The Midland Golfers' Alliance held the Perth PowaKaddy Centre team competition today at Forfar Golf Club where Montrose Links assistant pro Graeme Brown (pictured) made it two wins out of two with a superb, six-under-par score of 63.
Edzell amateurs Gary Tough and Jim Watt finished second and third. Tough finished three shots behind the winner with a 66 and Watt was a further two shots back with a 68.
 There was a tie for the handicap prize with six-handicapper Gil Muir (Burntisland) and Jim Watt, who plays off three at Edzell, both scoring net 65s. 
Graeme Brown also helped his team of Richard Brown (Royal Montrose) (7), Carnoustie assistant pro Keir McNicoll and Montrose Links pro Jason Boyd  to first place with a score of 58 on the better inward half.
Leading Scratch scores
par 69
63                 Graeme Brown                       AP, Montrose Golf Links
66                 Gary Tough                               Edzell, +1
68                 Jim Watt                                     Edzell, 3
69                 Tom McLevy                             Blairgowrie, Scr
69                 Keir McNicoll                            AP, Carnoustie
71                 Mike MacKenzie                     AP, Edzell
71                 Neil Douglas                             P, Pitlochry
71                 Donald McKay                         P, Wellsgreen
72                 Paul Brookes                            P, Pitreavie
72                 Willie Hutton                            Pitlochry, Scr
72                 Bill Taylor                                   Edzell, 1
72                 Gil Muir                                      Burntisland Golf House, 7
72                 Keith Bruce                               Edzell, 2
72                 Barry Hynd                                Leven Thistle, 2
Leading Handicap Scores
65                     Gil Muir                      Burntisland Golf House, 7
                          Jim Watt                    Edzell, 3
67                     Gary Tough              Edzell, +1
                          Jack Cree                   Scotscraig, 13
69                     Tom McLevy            Blairgowrie, Scr
                          William Barclay        Downfield, 5
                          Andy McDonald     Blairgowrie, 6
70                     Bennet Black           Dunfermline, 10
                          Davie Hutchison     Murrayshall, 8
                          Keith Bruce              Edzell, 2
                          Barry Hynd               Leven Thistle, 2
                          Phil Anderson         Crail Gs, 5S
Leading Team Scores
58 bih         Graeme Brown                       AP, Montrose Golf Links
                     Richard Brown                         Royal Montrose
                     Keir McNicoll                            AP, Carnoustie
                     Jason Boyd                                P, Montrose Golf Links
58                 Stuart Baker                             Crail GS, 5
                     Gil Muir                                      Burntisland Golf House, 7
                     Robert White                           Burntisland Golf House, 9
                     Bill Mackie                                 Burntisland Golf House, 5
59                 David Black                                Dunfermline, 13
                     Bennet Black                            Dunfermline, 10
                     Bill Millar                                    Monifieth, 14
                     Doug Mitchell                          Monifieth, 6

Next Meeting
Tuesday 5th September
Blairgowrie Golf Club, Lansdowne Course
Lee Sutherland



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