Wednesday, 6 September 2017

North-east Alliance: No new members' applications accepted before end of September

Secretary of North-east Alliance 
Owing to the high intake of new members, no further new members' applications shall be accepted for the remainder of September.  
This is to allow those who were NE Alliance members in 2016/17 the opportunity to re-join.  Thereafter, if there are any membership places remaining, these shall be opened-up again to new members from the start of October.
Competition Start Sheet - NE Alliance @ Kemnay Golf Club 
Wednesday, September 13
  All starting at first tee
08:00  Charlie Cassie,  Grant Leslie,  Denny Thomson
08:08  Ritchie Davidson,  Stewart Allison,  Stewart Finnie
08:16  Raymond Reid,  Doug Booth,  Richard Blackmore
08:24  David Templeton,  Peter Robertson,  Graham Burnett
08:32  Willie Beattie,  Lenny Duncan,  Alan Gall
08:40  Sandy Davidson,  Mike Brown,  Raymond Brown
08:48  Manson Merchant,  John Duff,  Brian Ritchie
08:56  Mike Smith,  Peter Walker,  Hamish McNaughton

09:04  Gary Homer,  Graham McLaggan,  David Leslie
09:12  Mike MacKay, Colin Nelson,  Kevin Thain
09:20  Simon Hanson,  Craig Dempster,  Gavin Chalmers
09:28  D Robertson,  Steve Scott,  Colin Duffus
09:36  Scott Mackie,  Justin Barclay,  David Brown
09:44  Ross McConnachie,  Ross McNeill,  Jim Scott
09:52  Benny Lumsden,  Jackie Forrest,  David Nelson

10:00  Jack Chalmers,  Kris Nicol,  Sammy Leslie
10:08  Derek Craigie,  Donny Adam,  Graeme Riley
10:16  Jim Stewart,  Jim Crawford,  Richard Denning
10:24  Gary Leslie,  Alistair  Graham,  Steve Christie
10:32  Joel Hopwood,  Keil Beveridge 
10:40  Ian Birnie,  Kevin Bedborough,  Stewart Kidd
10:48  Jim Emslie,  David Fleming,  Les Fowler
10:56  Peter Cheyne,  Richard Wright,  Phil Craig

11:04  Fergus Bisset,  Derek Townsley,  Nigel Parker
11:12  Sam Locke,  Billy Fyfe,  Andrew Locke
11:20  Richard Ruddiman,  David Lane,  David Wilson
11:28  Willie Skene  Robbie Duncan 
11:36  Kamran Zeynalov,  Patrick McKenna,  Ferghus Mil
11:44  Kevin Duncan  Chris Gilbert 
12:00  Mark Lawrie,  Tommy Collie 
12:08  Drew Buchan  Barry Elsby  Jake Scott
12:16  John Hosie,  John Nicolson,  Graham Allan
12:24  Peter Low,  John Borthwick,  Ian Still
12:32  Ross Sinclair  Iain Taylor  



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